A little about me

I have always felt attracted to art, and as a child I spent hours painting, I remember how I was abstracted from the world for hours immersed in colors and shapes. I dedicated a great part of my youth to the plastic arts as well as to dance. I feel that every step and learning during my life has ultimately created who I am. In 2012, after finishing my photography studies, I got into this beautiful business that today allows me to enjoy the life I always dreamed of. When I’m not working I travel with my motorhome and my little dog Kiwi exploring and enjoying the infinite beauty of nature, always with my guitar and camera in tow.

I am a free soul who has been carried away by the wind and I try to make my images a reflection of that, that’s why I look for fresh moments, full of emotions, beautiful by default, accumulators of sighs, smiles and dreams.

Contact with me

My wish is that, regardless of the subject of the composition, when seeing an image captured by my camera, the viewer’s body vibrates, his soul flies and the love for life grows.
– Ana Garcia